Friday, November 25, 2011

Behind on Word Count, Plot stalled

As of today, I'm behind on my Nano, by oh, a couple thousand words.

Bigger issue is, I have no... inspiration for my sex scene. How did I manage to only have ONE, ONE sex scene?! This isn't like me at all. Weirder still is, I can't seem to write the bloody thing! BAH!

And my plot. Fuck plot. I'm screwed! I can no climax, because I can't figure out the fucking logistics! Gods damnit.

So I know I want my heroine to get kidnapped.
And she saves herself.
My hero arrives on scene (with or without? the cops) just in time to see my heroine beating the shit out of her stalker turned kidnapper.

It's all the bit inbetween that are making me crazy.

How does the stalker steal/car jack the taxi? --- Car jackings only work 50% of the time, and are physical and violent. My stalker is cool violent, but he's so not the hand to hand type.

How does my stalker subdue my Heroine? --- She's taking a cab to the train station, it's a five minute ride. She doesn't know the area, so she isn't going to know they're going the wrong way until that five minute point. At that point how is he going to keep her from calling the cops, or just jumping out of the cab? It's just him, he can't have a gun pointed at her, watch her AND drive.

Does he knock her out? --- If so, with WHAT?? I've done the research, his best bet would be diazepam. Aka. Vallum. He could use his Dad's pills and crush them to make a liquid for injection BUT he'd HAVE to hit a vein or it wouldn't work, intramuscular injection is shoddy and unpredictable.

If he goes with injected vallum, how long will it last? -- A medically approved does works in under ten minutes, if done via a vein, and it's half-life is 30-60 minutes, which means about that time the patient will likely be more themselves than not. How does that timeline change when the 'patient' basically ODs? Overdose is safe in a healthy person, so he's not at risk of killing her, just knocking her out for longer, I'm assuming? But that's just it, I couldn't find info on how much longer, if longer it would work. From what I read it WOULD work longer, as the same dose for a heathly adult, in an elderly person would be stronger and last longer. But HOW much longer?

Assuming he manages to get the cab, what does he do with the cabbie???  Does he hit him unconscious? Does he shoot him and stick him in the trunk for later disposal? Does he tie/tape him up and put him in the trunk to deal with later? AGAIN what does he do with the cabbie? Once he gets Eli to his shop, does he go out and dump the cab with cabie? But he'd have to have to put it somewhere far enough from his shop to not put suspicion on himself. And somewhere the cab wouldn't be noticed right away. BUT then how does he get back to his shop??

What does he do with the GPS that was in the cab? Does he remove it and put it in a car he's fixing?--trouble is, this is monday and the shop is closed, so the client would think it weird they were getting their car back, and the GPS would be too quickly located and traced back to my stalker.  Another idea, he can duct tape it to a transport truck that's being loaded in one of the neighbouring lots near his shop.

What is my stalker's fatal mistake, IE, how does the cops or just my colonel find him?!?! *sigh*  I don't want to make it too easy, but then, if I cover all my steps, then how the hell does he/they find her?! BAH, BAH I say!

There are so many questions! And not enough answers. Not enough plausible steps. It's all... too overwhelming. It makes me want to give up entirely. It's just too damn complicated. And every time I think I have a solution, I only raise more questions. And my husband, who I forced into helping me vett my plan just kept raining all over my parade with hard truths that meant nothing I suggested would work. *pout*

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