Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I feel I should apologise...

There is no plan for double penetration vampire sex in my NaNo novel.... unless things go very badly and I start writing out my heroines fantasy's... lol.

However, since that seems to be what gets me these days, I'm just going to have to come up with a story that involves such a threesome. Clearly we need more vampire DP action! I just don't have any vamps in my head right now, none of my own anyway. I'll have to let that percolate....

For now I'm trying to focus on my all too normal romance story.  Gods, it really is normal, isn't it? Well, if I can't come up with enough plot then I'll turn Alejandro into a were animal(rat, wolf, kitty cat?) that's trying to hide his true nature from the two women in his life.....  Perhaps my heroine can be half succubus demon that comes of age at 25. *giggles* SEX! SEX! SEX Must have sex, or she'll DIE!

See, this is what happens when it's late and I pull shit out of my ass. ;)  I may or may not use this... Anything to add plot complexity can't be all bad, can it??

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