Saturday, October 30, 2010

Plot Blocked!

So I'm stumped.  I get to the same point in the story and I think: now what??!?


I have all kinds of personal issues.  I've figured out my man's. He was easy.  My heroine - not so much.

I mean, intimacy issues aside, how does a sorta shy, sexually desperate woman find multiple partners to be at her beck and call??  She won't have just anyone. I'm not comfortable at all with the thought of the men she does meet passing her around their pack/friends. Not cool. I wouldn't let it happen to me, so neither will she.  But she still needs sex.

Perhaps I need to make her problem a little more solvable?! I mean... I was thinking three to four times a day... That means she needs to have a lunch break sex partner.. or even two during her work day... How could she even manage to work full time?!

Hum.... maybe she learns that if she feeds on dominant weres she doesn't need to feed as often?  But I want her to have vamp sex too! hrm... Hrmmm.. Damnit.



I also haven't figured out what her 'power' will be.  All seccubus get 1 of 3 different powers that help them attain their goals/procreation.  But half breeds always get messed up versions.  Things just don't go quite right. I want it to be more funny than dangerous for her lovers.  But I keep drawing a blank here too.

Perhaps part of my heroine's trials is just coming to terms with the fact that she now NEEDS sex to survive. Her mom needs it 12 times a day!  She manages.  But then, she also works at a demon hospital, with lots of willing partners everywhere.  My heroine is not so lucky. Nor so confident.

Perhaps the men she meets make her feel like less of a freak -- everyone NEEDS sex, it just manifests differently for Maddie now. This could totally help... I just don't know how I'm going to get her a damn harem. lol.

And I really really need to include a scene somewhere of her at a play party... I want her to make a man cum by biting him.. I love that.  Perhaps THAT can be her power? *giggles*  Her bite can be orgasmic??  It's almost bizarre enough...

I still need conflict though! Like physical, life threatening conflict!  I need SOMETHING to bring my two main characters back together again, and yeah, I'm blank. Totally blank.  I honestly don't know if I can even write violence.  All my physical writing seems to lean totally toward sex..... But that isn't going to bring Alejandro and Maddie back together....

One or both of them needs to be threatened physically.  Something bad needs to happen. Someone needs rescuing or something. Though, I think I would have a fit if my heroine was rescued. BAH. This would only make me happy, if she, like in Pretty Woman, rescued him right back.

Blank.  I keep drawing blanks.  It's like pulling fucking teeth for me today. *Sigh*

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  1. You should read Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen - magnificent interweaving of sex and violence! It will give you much insight.

    As for your heroine, it sounds like she may need a hook - a curious and unique feature that draws many men (maybe always a certain *kind* of man) to her despite her lack of sexual confidence. A sexy birthmark? A peculiar accent? Maybe something traditionally unattractive that, on her, for some reason becomes a turn-on?

    I dunno, just a thought!