Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Imput? Opinions? HELP?!

So.... After my brilliant idea last night, about making my characters other-worldy, I'm totally torn.

Do I go with the story I started out with, two humans just trying to figure themselves out and find love??

Or do I add the paranormal?  Make him a were-rat (he just HAS to be a rat), and her some kind of succubus demon?  His being a were would totally explain why he's not living with his fiance, and why after two years he's still not married her... and why he's afraid of becoming a journalist....  It could also add to his dominate nature... he could be an alpha for his pack/Roudere(I might steal this from Anita Blake).  Not their king, surely, but an alpha nontheless....

For her..... well if she knew she a succubus demon, then that would be a perfect reason never to get close. I'd have to come up with a...plan for how her type of demon works.....  I like the idea of her 'coming of age', or like her having a maturation cycle(s) while she's dating Alejandro.... I am almost wondering if she should be ignorant of what she is... have him tell her... have her freak out and stop seeing him?  But WHO would she turn to? And how would that person then not be her love interest??? bah... Complicated!

If she knows what she is, then she can be waiting for her maturation.. it can be like with humans, it comes at a certain point, but never the exact same point... so for her it happens while she's dating A.  She's afraid after that to have sex with him too often, she doesn't want to literally love him to death.  But she needs sex, like we need food, or she'll die, so she starts fucking around? She pulls aways from A, and begins a slutty adventure of kinky sex?  Always looking for the same high she got with A, and not understanding why other men don't give it to her -- she has no idea A isn't exactly human....  Perhaps she can find out his secret all on her own by accidentally finding another were to play with?? hrmm....

Hum.... and can weres and seccubus demons have babies?? Do either of them want to breed?  These things usually end in a breeding couple.....  Perhaps she's only half demon??  I really need to work/figure/create this out if I want it to you know, acutally make some semblance of sense. Bah! Bah I say!

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  1. Also I really like the paranormal slant personally ! ;) I mean - they're still "human characters" going through the same problems we do, their problems are just more interesting! ;)

    Not sure about the baby thing although it's probably possible. Maybe she has a medical condition and is infertile (or so she thinks?)...