Thursday, October 28, 2010

Succubus Demons

So... I learned only last night, from my 'I don't watch TV/pay attention to pop culture' (yeah right!) husband, that Showcase's new TV show Lost Girl is about a half breed Succubus!  Bah!  Now I feel kind of trite... Then, bless him, my husband (I guess I need to come up with a short form for him!) reminded me that there are only so many archetypes/stories & all authors are guilty of re-using characters and stories over and over again throughout history.

So yeah... I think I'll keep my half breed, thank you very much.

Especially since I've spent the better part of yesterday and two hours this morning working out the kinks in her species details!  It's very very thorough! Hell, it's 4.5 pages long!!

I totally admit to borrowing/being inspired by Larrissa Ione and her demons, but hell, this is NaNo, I'm not publishing this!  And besides, I need all the help/inspiration I can get.  I've never attempted anything half so long!

At some point, that likely won't be today, I need to work on my plot again.  I want to try the snowflake method my friend minxy whose done NaNo and won 5 years running), pointed me to.

I still don't know know I can actually sum up my work in one sentence. Or even three.  This worries me.  It tells me there isn't a cohesive enough plot. *sigh*

But right now I'm starving so if I don't eat, nothing else is getting done. Thought processes are all shut down until my belly is full! ha. It's a slave driver my belly.... or a show stopper... yeah, that makes more sense!


  1. She's a full succubus I believe - not a half breed (on the show!). Also that show is so yummy! I highly recommend!

    Also there aremany succubi (plural) in literature - just make it your own baby! :)

  2. Ok so additionally as i'm sitting here remembering - in Lost Girl she's a "fae" and she's definitely a full-breed b/c half-breed fae on the show have no powers.

    So go nuts with the half-demon thing! Totally different!