Friday, October 29, 2010

Things I've Written

I'm not sure what all I'm going to be sharing with you today. I really need to work on my halloween costume damnit.  Not much to do thankfully, but I need to get that done first, before I let my brain wander into my dilemma of WTF is my plot?!  Conflict?? What conflict?!

Sooo, I thought I'd share things I've written in the distant past. ha.  I'm guessing everyone who's bothering to read this (I love my friends!), has already seen them, but well, here they are again. ;)

Mistress and Her Pets

Demands of a Racing Life

There are others, but I never posted them to the internets....or at least not under this name...  There is another I kinda want to share, since I think at least one woman I know might like it (though I feel I need to make the excuse that I wrote this when I was very young, legal and all, but young, so young):


kneeling before Him, naked and collared,
her arms pulled back and bound behind her,
the smell of leather and her sex excites her.

whimpering in need, her eyes pleading,
her creamy breasts made firm with desire
bounce provocatively as her nipples harden.

she smiles sweetly as He grips her curls,
blushing yet proud, her tongue begins dancing
as her dark hair dangles silky soft over His thighs.

moaning in pleasure, He closes His eyes
as she takes Him into her hot wet mouth,
sucking and moaning around His cock.

she expands her throat to fit His girth,
her eyes smile as she swallows around His cock,
begging Him to use this hole as He would any other.

growling with lust, His hands in her curls,
He slowly fucks her eager mouth,
forcing her to take Him all the way in.

moaning loudly, her sex aching with need,
she squeezes her thighs shut
as she rubs her nipples on His thighs.

Looking down at His wanton slave,
His hard cock fully down her throat,
He smiles and fucks her mouth harder.

she whimpers with the effort to please Him,
forgetting her own need, she knows only His,
she wants only to make Him cum.

panting with need, His thrusts quicken,
He uses His slave for His own pleasure,
using her mouth to bring Himself to climax.

He pulls out of her soft, wet, sucking mouth
growling with intense pleasure,
as His orgasm crashes over Him.

His gooey cum jets out in streams,
as she opens her mouth wide
begging for a taste of His yummy seed.

His cum lands on her face and hair
leaving long creamy white lines
that stretch across her open mouth.

smiling like the slut she is for Him,
she uses her tongue to gather His cum,
licking her lips as she swallows happily.

Spent, He wipes His cock off on her cheek,
leaving a glob of His cum there,
marking His toy as His own.

She whimpers, her need ever more real,
He pinches her nipple to remind her of her place,
she moans with pleasure and obeys.

Kissing a clean spot on her forehead,
He tells her she's a good girl,
then sits back to watch the rest of the football game.

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