Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Does masturbation count as a workout??

What if I wanked for three hours? In a row....

Last night I believe it was, I was cuddling with my hubby, and he was looking at his blog list.... the kinky ones at least... and there was this image on www.bondageblog.com that really stuck out in my mind. He was flipping through them pretty quickly, so two kind of got superimposed on my brain.

Read more to see what I'm talking about.....

This one,

And this one:

So that the ladies in the second picture were in the postion of the first, with the ball gags and pleading/terrified looks.  That super image has been stuck in my head for days!

I blame it all on that blond's huge breasts.  They have captivated me.  So large. So heavy.  And as the guy on bondageblog said, so vulnerable.  Fuck that image just does it for me.  Well... the fantasy my mind has dreamed up just does it for me.... sometimes there is just the hint of a sadist hiding in me...

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