Friday, December 3, 2010

Sometimes I Borrow From My Life...

This is another excerpt from my Nano novella. Part of it is very true to my life, sadly not the sexy bit. The first time I ever had baklava was at a restaurant called La Luna. They sell baklava... I was having dinner there with a female friend, she convinced me by twisting my rubber arm, to share an order of baklava. Can I just say, wowsa, sooo effing good. I had a foodgasm, and totally embarrassed my homophobic friend. It was GREAT!

I turned that experience, I hope, into something much sexier. I will let y'all be the judges.

"Well, go on." Alejandro said. His elbows were on the table, his head in his hands.
"You're... going to watch me?" I asked confused, and a little embarrassed. I could feel the heat creeping to my face already.
"Yup. I've seen the way you eat. I'm not missing this."
"That good huh?" I teased.
"Just try it," he said smirking. He had that knowing, condescending look on his face again. It was infuriating, and sexy all at the same time.
"Ugh. Fine!" I said, gingerly picking up a bite sized piece of the sticky flakey confection. 
I popped it in my mouth. The syrup hit my tongue first. It was good. I chewed slowly. Flavour exploded in my mouth. I closed my eyes, my whole body going slack. Crunchy, buttery, gooey pastry, sweet savoury nuts. The under-notes from the syrup, full of spices! Oh em gee. I moaned with pleasure. This was the best thing I'd ever tasted in memory. I licked my lips, sticky with syrup. I picked up another piece without opening my eyes, and bit into it this time. The crunch was so satisfying. I chewed slowly trying to savour every flavour, every texture, every nuance. I moaned again, a long, lust filled moan. I squirmed in my chair. I opened my eyes, and looked at my plate. Once piece left. I picked up the last bite and popped it in my mouth. I moaned again, despite my best effort as I chewed. Once I swallowed, I started to lick my sticky fingers clean. I ventured a look up at Alejandro, with a finger still in my mouth. My mouth was sucking, my tongue working. I was lazy eyed with pleasure. Gods that was good. Food shouldn't be that good. There was amusement, satisfaction at being right, and... something darker written all over his face, and in his eyes. Looking into his intense eyes I realized it was lust, most definitely lust.
"That's really really good." I said, a little embarrassed.
"Yeah. Looked it," he said with a smirk.
He pushed the second plate at me. I took it. I didn't need a more encouragement. I took a long drink of water before having more. This time Alejandro joined me. I kept closing my eyes and moaning. My whole body was limp, and tingly. I tried to control myself, but the best I could do was a tiny moan. When we were done the waiter came with the bill. I think he wanted to get rid of us, of me. Alejandro paid, he insisted. And we left hand in hand.
When we got into Alejandro's car, he said lightly, almost teasing, "I've never seen anyone have a food-gasm before."
I laughed, hard. I so hadn't expected that. But at least he wasn't mad, or embarrassed of me. "I... I don't know as I've had a food-gasm before. That baklava..." I rested my head on the headrest. "Food just shouldn't taste that good. It shouldn't be legal."
It was Alejandro's turn to laugh. "You want to make baklava illegal?" He asked incredulous.
"Maybe just that chef's baklava. Look what it did to me! That was embarrassing!"
"That was hot," Alejandro said in a low voice.
I blushed and looked away. Happy the car was dark, so he couldn't see. I looked out the window. We were headed away from downtown, away from the clubs, and our usual haunts. "Where are we going?" I asked.
"My place," He said in a half growl.
My eyes widened, my heart sped up. Already? "Now?" Was he angry? That growl...
"Yes... I was going to wait until we'd gong dancing. Make it more of But after seeing you... I can't wait. I want you. Now." Alejandro explained, not taking his eyes off the road. I could feel the lust rising off of him in waves of heat. My skin felt almost scorched just sitting in the car next to him. So much pent up lust. Apparently I wasn't the only one holding back all this time.
"oh" I said in a little voice, that was oddly full of lust.

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