Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Taste.......

"Well, well, well... What do we have here?" Jazz asked as she surveyed the scene.

She'd expected to find Dawson and his wife, or rather the woman that posed at his wife when she broke into his house, however, she didn't expect to find another women with them. She certainly didn't expect to find the two women naked, gagged, and bound with their hands behind their backs. Nor did she expect to find John in his boxer-briefs welding a leather flogger. She most certainly didn't expect to be hit with the wall of lust that was now burning into her brain.

Dawson turned and smiled at her, "This is a pleasant surprise! Jazz, I'd like you to meet my partner Eileen, and her friend Kaitlin," he said pointing the flogger at them in turn.

Eileen was a slim woman with a nice figure, and skin the colour of dark honey. Her dark brown eyes held a fierce intelligence. She was most definitely sizing up Jazz, though not yet with any malice. Her shiny, thick, dark brown hair fell over her ample breasts, and down her back, almost to her ass. She had a beautiful swirling tattoo over her left hip that disappeared up her back. Jazz couldn't quite make out what it was, possibly a koi fish, something with water, that much was certain. Jazz had to resist the urge to get a better look right then and there. It made her wonder if Eileen was another water sprite.

Kaitlin was Eileen's opposite in many ways. They were both about the same size physically, but Kaitlin was light where Eileen was dark. She had thick blond hair that was up in a ponytail, bright blue eyes, and pale skin. She also had the largest breasts Jazz had ever seen, that weren't fake. Jazz couldn't stop staring at them. Kaitlin's nipples hardened as Jazz soaked in the sight of her. Her breasts were pushed out by they way she was bound making them seem all the more large and vulnerable. She had wonderful round hips, and a cute little belly. Jazz's eyes were drawn back to her marvellous breasts. Her large pale pink areolae began to crinkle as her nipples swelled. Jazz growled low in her throat. She could feel the heat, the unvented lust, coming off of Kaitlin in blistering waves. And there was nothing she wanted more than to fulfill Kaitlin's fantasy.

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