Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Night's Dream

I had the strangest dream last night. Long, complicated, and rather interesting. I think it will end up making a very good short story, but if I don't record it, I'll forget!

It starts out, I am the 20-ish daughter of a single mom with a younger sister and brother. I was hanging out with my cousin, who was about the same age as me, in my bedroom in the back of our apartment. I had to pee and went off in search of a free bathroom. I found both my sister and brother in our 2 bathtubs. As I was heading back to my sister to get her to hurry, since she was older, I saw two tall young men prowling through our apartment. They struck fear into my heart. I motioned to my sister to be still and silent as they passed. I heard them head to my room where they found my cousin. They dragged her into the living room. It was clear to me they were goint to rape and torture her. They hadn't found my mom in her office. Our only hope was that she'd heard and was calling the police.

I ran silently to my brother while they were busy, making it just in time. In trying to warn him, I dropped the shower curtain, and half fell into the tub myself. They heard me. I hid my brother behind the tub, and made like I was the one in the bath. I didn't wan them to get their hands on him!

They found me, and with evil demented laughter the taller, skinnier, black haired one tried to drown me. But for some reason it didn't work. He rapped me, anally even, over the side of the tub. All the water I'd breathed through came up, and thn I nearly drowned! But I survived, only to have the chubby one come in with my mom and sister. Then they pulled out my little brother.... One pulled out a machete, the other demon went and got a chainsaw from somewhere. All the while they laughed like it was great fun.

I knew what they were going to do. I covered my face with my hands and started babbling. I knew then it was a dream and I wanted out, only I was way too panicked to remember the words or to concentrate. I heard the chainsaw start, I heard the wet ripping sounds, my mind filled in the banks, and in the sudden silence, I heard the pieces drop.

I was hyperventilating, on my way to passing out when the dark haired one grabbed a fistful of my hair and slammed my face into the porcelain. Bloodied, but still, somehow with all my teeth, I looked up at him. His face was ghostly white. His eyes looked like they were bleeding black, his teeth, black stained fangs. Fear rose hard and heavy. I forced his erection in my mouth, came all over my face, made me swallow some of it, then asked if it burned. As he asked, I realized it did. It, really did. Like hellfire. 'Welcome to death', he said then. My heart sunk. Until that moment I'd been hoping to survive.

The landscape changed then, and I was watching as my mother and siblings braved a daring rescue. They young men weren't human, human weapons did nothing. Hell, I chopped off half his face and still the one tormenting me lived! They were new to their demon status though, and didn't know themselves, it allowed us to escape through a window.

We fled in my mom's little car, somehow finding my aunt the witch. She helped us escape to Mexico, from southern California, only they found us! We were disguised, but my cousin and I both had tattoos, which gave us away.

My aunt stopped time long enough for us to get away. She sent us on a boat, sending us speeding south, holding on for dear life. When we arrived, it as just the two of us, my cousin and I. We guessed my aunt realized my family would be safer without us.

We were in a little fishing village, neither of us, spoke much Spanish, but somehow we managed to learn, and gets jobs on the boats.

Fast forward to almost a year later. I'm the captain of our little boat, we head out to sea, only to come on a fast breaking storm. The waves were so high! We battled for half an hour, before the ship capsized, and I went down with it. We weren't the only boat in the water and as I slowly went down I saw the other crews floating. They were all headed out to sea. I reached the sandy bottom, and saw shore was the other way. There must have been a rescue ship. I stayed low. I knew the storm wasn't natural. It was they boys coming after us. They couldn't find me with the crew. I wanted to head to the shore, but the current was far too strong. So I had to wait. Finally, I came up, but I was in Oregon, of all places.

I was on shore of what must have been a military base... They were doing some kind of war training, different teams, but they were torturing, raping... I couldn't stand it. I went into their camps at night (they were living in tents and make-shift shelters), and strung up the rapists, hung them from trees. I didn't kill them, just scared them, singled them out, terrorized them. Finally, their commander, a handsome blond man found me. I was like something wild...

Things get foggy... I ended up on his sailing yacht, working it with him... In a relationship...with him... He promised to keep me safe from the demons..... My cousin and I ended up double crossing the boys, aka the demons. Well, my other cousin. The one I was first with, she died in the ocean...or was lost to the ocean, I'm not sure which. This cousin was another brave young woman... A witch, the other's sister, I believe.  She was going to teach the one that tormented me a lesson.....  The other we fed to the sea.

Whoo. And now I need to shower and get something warm on! Brrr!

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