Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Okay, so I just. I really wanted to share something.  I went with Minxy, the friend that convinced me I really could do NaNo, to the victory party tonight. I was far too shy to read anything I brought.  Also, most of my writing is not child friendly, and there were teenagers.  Most of my writing was either violence or sex basically.... Not PG13... So yeah.

Anyway. Point.  I want to share something.  So you brave few who read get a taste.  Of the four bits I brought with me to the restaurant, this is the one hubby said y'all'd like.

Jazz hung her head, her palms flat on the counter. Teenagers were just too damn cheerful, she thought. She felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up. A wave of pure, hot, lust hit her. She looked up sharply to see a female umber demon standing in the middle of the common washroom area. She looked transfixed, as if she'd stopped in mid-step. Her red eyes were dilated. Her pale grey skin was covered in a soft sheen of sweat. She was short and curvy. Her tight black dress set off her voluptuous body and large breasts to full advantage. She smelled of fear and lust. It was intoxicating to Jazz. Her eyes lit to ember fire as she stared at the umber demon. She was a predator, umber demon were prey, they both knew it. But what could a succubus want with a female umber demon? What indeed. 
Jazz growled low in her throat, the small demon's lust burning in her brain. 
“I--” the umber demon began nervously. 
Jazz was on her in a blink of the eye, her hand around the smaller demon's throat. She pushed her into the wall, pressing her long lean body into the softer, curvier one of the umber demon. 
“I know what you want woman,” Jazz nearly growled at her. She bent her head low and sniffed her skin. She closed her eyes in pleasure. Fear and lust. So very intoxicating. 
“I... I don't know what you mean,” She said, her voice shaking. 
“Yes you do. I can smell the lust on you...and the fear.” Jazz explained, locking eyes with the little female. “I can see into your mind umber, and I know just what you want. Dirty, dirty girl...” Jazz grinned, more a baring of teeth really. The umber demon whimpered in answer. 
Jazz led the little demon by her throat over to the chaise lounge that was set up near the wall. Jazz had wondered why there was a couch in the bathroom, now she was grateful. She needed somewhere to play. She pushed the umber onto the chaise on her back. Her large breasts pushed tightly against the thin material of her dress. Her hard nipples were outlined perfectly. Something low in Jazz tightened. She groaned as she reached for the knife in her boot. This little umber was either going to be the death of her or the best lay she'd had in weeks. Taking her knife out, she let the light shine on it, let the umber get a good look at it. The umber's eyes went wider, if that was possible, and she let out a squeak. So cute, so hot, Jazz thought, half drunk on lust. Jazz traced the flat of the blade from the umber's neck, down the swell of her breasts, her slightly round belly, her meaty thighs, until she got to the hem of the umber's dress. Jazz grinned, all evil lust. The little umber whimpered oh so sweetly. Jazz turned the blade, and sliced the dress up the middle, in one quick line. The umber gasped, her full breasts nearly popping out of the dress as it fell to her sides. 
“I hope you have something else to wear, or you're walking out of here naked,” Jazz said as she ate in the sight of the naked umber.

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