Monday, December 6, 2010

Not Sexy!

It's snowing! It's so so damn pretty!!

I put up my parents Christmas Tree last week, and now there is snow.  It's offically Christmas Season for me!  I love Christmas. It's my favourite holiday.  I love all the old movies, I love the Carols, I even love the hymns!  I'm an athiest, but I can't help but sing along to 'We Three Kings'.  It's ingrained in my childhood, and I had a happy one, so all the hymn and carols are attached to wonderful Christmas memories.

There are a couple Christmas memories that are more this blog's style.  Like the xmas eve where I spent the whole night on the phone with a man, that ended in phone sex at 8:30am. lol. Gods that was hot.  Or my hubby's xmas tradition of having sex in my childhood bedroom -- this being before we were married, btw.  This will be our first xmas as a married couple.... Aww, I know. We are total goober newlyweds, I tell you what!

Hrm... What I should be telling you it something Let me think on it and get back to you this evening.. There is one thing that piqued my own interest, but it's not firmed up into a real scenario yet.... And well.. I'm not sure I want to write about phone sex man... though he did have one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard.  He could make me wet, just by hearing his voice....

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