Thursday, November 25, 2010 Stats

Okay, seriously, I shouldn't have looked at my stats. I'm 50% of my own audience!  That's just depressing.


Oh well. Maybe I'll figure out a way to make my blog more interesting once NaNo is over.. Or I'll just give it up entirely....

Any suggestions, oh phantom audience, for how to make this a better experience? What can I do to make this blog something people might want to read??


  1. Have you been advertising it anywhere?

    I've got my URL in my Craftster signature; attached to my Ravelry profile, under most of my Flickr pictures; and I post about posts on Twitter and on Facebook.

    I also try to attach my URL to any post I make on other blogs... so I've gotten hits from comments on Yarn Harlot and BlogTO.

    People can't come see it if they don't know where it is. ^_^

  2. Does it count as a view when I read it in my Google reader?

  3. mio: You make a most excellent point. I haven't really been whoring my blog enough. I'm not very good at that part. doh. Time to learn marketing I guess!

    Dee, reads do show up, in at least one stat, as the pie chart includes google reader as a way to view it, along with, like chrome and firefox I think.

  4. Well now, that's interesting... I don't think my blog counts Google Reader views unless the person clicks on something...

  5. Mio: you're so right! Google reader only shows as a source, I think someone had to have clicked on the entry to read the whole thing or something? But it doesn't show up in page views count, no. But considering the current size of my audience, I knew that meant that at least someone other than my husband and myself was looking at my blog. lol.

  6. I'm also reading via an RSS client (newsbeuter) which might not either get counted.