Monday, November 1, 2010


This late in the day, and I have a new character brewing in my head....  I think he wants to be called Nicholas.  He's a were-tiger that works for the master vamp my heroine is fucking/dating?

I'm trying very hard not to lean on Nathaniel in Antia Blake. ugh. Do not want.  But submissive?  Maybe....

I still haven't found another vamp to get that DP scene I so want.... maybe he will show up while I wander the demon hotel & casino. ha. I just.. I can't do a 'can I introduce you to my friend...we'd like to DP you now' thing. *sigh*  So I'm not sure if that will happen.

I need to think on Nicholas.....blond? I don't have a blond yet.. not a man anyway....  I think Nick wants to be blond and blue eyed.  blue, like the sky, on a clear day...  i just can't see him any other way. with shaggy blond hair that comes over his ears and tickles his neck.

Hrm.. I think I need food before my brain goes any further. =/

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