Thursday, November 25, 2010

Continuity! It's important!

So I'm writing sex scene number three, and I realise, half way into the next portion of it that I forgot to remove the clothespins! Doh.  I mean, I made such a big thing about setting up a timer, and how you can't leave them on for long.  And then, by forgetting them, I left them on not only while they were snuggling, but while the pin wearer was face down, and having her ass beat! DOH!

Yeah.... So I fixed that! It totally worked out well, it made why whole scene make more sense and be more dramatic and stuff. So yay.

34,000 words. 16,000 to go. o.0  Yeah... right....


  1. ok even if you don't finish this for Nano you *must* finish this so I can read/enjoy this! ^_^

  2. Oh, I have every intention of finishing this! :)

    I want to finish act 1 of my draft before I review, but I have a feeling that's likely another 40,000 words it won't be soon... Though I do want my hubby to read part of it for us at nye. ;)

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! :)

    See NYE is a totally more realistic deadline & gives you time for more spit & polish, etc! ;)