Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cause I feel the need to share.....

A snipet of what my hard work brought me today:
“I'm not made of glass,” I told him. 
“Huh?” He asked so confused he stopped thrusting. 
“Me, I'm not made of glass. You can fuck me harder than that you know.” I said pushing myself back up his cock for all I was worth. 
Alejandro groaned as I fucked myself on his cock. 
“Harder, please..please... Please Alejandro, fuck me.. fuck me,” I begged as I pushed back, grinding my ass against his hard body. 
“Oh god Maddie...” Alejandro broke off, his hands going to him my hips again. 
He grabbed me hard, pulling me even tighter to him, then he pulled out and thrust hard into my body. If it wasn't for his hands on my hips, I think he would have moved me with the power of it. He kept thrusting, hard, and slow. A wonderful, delicious, tease.

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