Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I had such a good sleep. I needed it too!

I had this LONG convoluted dream about a haunted house, and a family moving in unaware.. I was their daughter and I did NOT want to go in that house....

Then there was a Tsunami, or rather a hint of one that never actually came.. in Hawaii.  There was a family that thought this was the end of days. Even long after it didn't happen, they were convinced...

The middle son was an outcast at his highschool. His older brother was a football star.  Middle brother surfed.  On the down low.  Places where his classmates wouldn't find him. One day one of his favourite spots was overtaken by like a surfing squadron. They were from a private school. They all had shiny black and yellow uniforms/matching wetsuits.  They 'let' him stay the first day... he was in the water before hey were.  And he surfed as good as they did. better than some.  The captain/leader told him very good kid, now get out of here. outsiders are not welcome.

the son confeses to his parents he wants to go pro. he want attention now. he gets on some game show, they offer him a full scholarship to some land-locked school and he turns them down.  His faher didn't follow his dream and although happy, he still has regretted it his whole life.

He ends up going to the school, being one of their star surfers. They do some kind of surfing group competition but he loses it for his team when a little girl falls into the icy water and can't get herself out. she has luckimaia... the team ends up making her their mascott and does events to raise money for her, and cancer charities. it takes them 10 years, but they all keep at it and evetually raise 250 million!

There was also this odd sequence of being... native?  like honey skinned on some kind of tropical island, and running. being refugees. in huge groups. mass exsodus from somewhere on foot.... I don't know where that fits in.

I was also some kind of AWOL CIA agent. The dream clearly changes here.  Assassin on the run. killing, stealing cars, whatever it took to stay alive and running.  i knew lots of languages, lots of weapons, lots of ways to kill.  I killed one double agent that was trying to take me in by convincing him to take his seat belt off.  then I put on the breaks. he impalled himself with his own finger when the air bags exploded.

I have the weirdest dreams!  I'm wiritng them here so I won't forget.  Maybe I can make stories out of one of them at least.

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