Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ten Days....So help me Fria....

Since I can't share this bit of news on my other blog, and it's sex-related, as my blog is, I'm sharing it with ya'll.

Welcome to TMI Thursday Edition! ha.

Since getting married in October, I've had sex so few times I can count them on one hand!  *cries*  This isn't for lack of want on either side, but because my fucking cunt has been out of commission.  Damnit.  Between ineffective OTC treatments and freaking antibiotics, I've been too sore to wank or have sex 95% of the time!  OMG, I MISS ORGASMS!

Seriously folks, it's been a dry, depressing time for old Meghan here.  So!  I called my doctor today, and he told me the medication he gave me should help with what they found on the swab! This means in 10 days I should be able to have SEX again!!  And finally, I'll be able to use the new toy I bought all the way back in October that I only got to use once before all this set in!


Oh my gods, I cannot tell you how excited I am!!

I want to have so much sex I walk funny for days!  I want my man to pass out from too many orgasms in too short a time!  I want our apartment to reek of sex!  I want days of nothing but food, sex, and naked, snuggling naps.  Mmmmmm....  Want!

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