Thursday, November 11, 2010

ACDC + Codeine.

Today I'm desperate. Mostly, desperate to not hurt.  Yesterday I spent almost the entire day I think with my jaw locked.  I never realise I'm doing it until my jaw starts aching, and I give myself an even worse headache. It's my bad habit for dealing with pain. I'm trying to break myself of it, but it sure ain't easy. So, today, I've taken muscle relaxants, in the hopes that my jaw will relax a little, and some tylenol 2s in the hopes that they will help the headache I've had for the past 48 hours that is the reason I've been clenching my jaw.  When the pain gets so bad I'm nauseous and can't think... yeah, that's where I was an hour ago, and I just couldn't take it anymore, so I'm self-medicating.  But then, it's OTC muscle relaxant, and doc approved pain-killers, so... this is what they are for.

Now I've got ACDC rocking in my amazing, wonderful headphones.  Hopefully I can get through this sex scene and on with this story. Though really, I'm kinda hoping the sex scene is actually interesting. lol.  But I'm too close to it, so I really can't tell one way or the other at this point.

My AKG K514 headphones were only $90(on sale, reg. $120 I think), but they have better sound than most of the $200-$300 headphones I tested. I love, love, love them.  Seriously.
Now.. To the sex... Let's hope I can make it interesting!!

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